Kick It Out poll reveals racist abuse still rifeA survey of all Premier and Football League clubs has confirmed that many players have witnessed racist abuse in stadiums or been directly subjected to discrimination. The poll, carried out by football’s Kick It Out campaign, also revealed an overwhelming backing – from the 200 players who responded – for the “Rooney Rule” to be brought into English football to give coaches from ethnic backgrounds more opportunities in the game. This was named after Dan Rooney (pictured above), owner of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. With my colleague Jamie Cleland, of Loughborough University, I’ve also conducted research on the reasons for the absence of black managers in English football. In this project 1,000 fans were asked to consider what is becoming an embarrassing absence of black football managers. Could a Rooney-style regulation work in English soccer?  If you click here you can read the full text of the study and decide for yourself … On BLACK FOOTBALL MANAGERS

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